Baby’s First Birthday Party: Planning a One-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

This first year with your baby has just flown by and before you know it she’s already turning one. Time to prepare and plan for an exciting birthday party to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event with friends and family.

Initial Preparations for Planning First Birthday

The first thing to do when planning a party for a baby is to decide on the date, time and place. Clearly a late evening event wouldn’t be appropriate, plan for the afternoon and try to keep it short. Avoid a long-drawn out party that will overstimulate your one-year-old, two to three hours is best.

When choosing the setting for the party try to keep in mind the amount of people and if there will be many other kids coming. Often the first birthday is more about the parents then the one-year-old, so it may be mainly an adult gathering. If there are going to be several kids, choose a location that will be easy to baby proof. An open space, such as a large living room or backyard would be ideal.

Sending First Birthday Party Invitations

Invitations are important to let everyone know the exact who, what, where and when of the party. Sending out traditional paper invitations by mail is very common and is a great way to give the guests plenty of notice about the party. In this digital world however, email or facebook invitations are also becoming much more accepted. Whichever way you decide to go with the invitations, paper or electronic mail, be sure to include all of the important details.

Cooking for an Infants Birthday Party

When planning the menu for a first birthday take into account the adults as well as the guest of honor. It is important to serve food that baby will be able to eat and that will be appetizing to the adult guests as well. Serving a buffet-style meal will be easier for the busy parents and allow for the guests to casually snack throughout the entire party. Many of these can be made ahead of time to ease the stress on party day.


Some sample menu ideas are as follows:

  • Cheese, meat and cracker platter
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable platter
  • Pasta salad
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Sweet and sour meatballs

Baby’s First Birthday Cake

Serving baby’s first birthday cake will definitely be a messy experience. To make the birthday baby feel special make her a small individual cake or a cupcake that’s all her own, and a regular one for the rest of the party. Set her up in her high chair, have the video camera ready and let her go at it. It would be a good idea to put down a sheet to catch the mess.

Many parents traditionally avoid cake until the first birthday, so it will be that much more special when she has her first taste of birthday cake on the big day. Expect a mess and plan for it.

First Birthday Party Activities and Games

The party shouldn’t last too long so there wont be any need to plan too many activities or games considering the time needed for eating, unwrapping gifts and serving cake. A few activities to get the party started would be sufficient. There’s a baby photo guessing game and a baby’s first birthday quiz from that would be perfect for some casual games to play throughout the party.

A baby’s first birthday party is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will always be remembered. Put enough effort into planning so that all you need to do is enjoy this special birthday stress-free with your baby and the people who matter.

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